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Cooling method IC411 (TEFC) Surface Cooled Motors http://www.elinmotoren.at/en/references/oil-gas/cooling-method-ic411-tefc-surface-cooled-motors/ DE//EN; Contact · Downloads · ReferencesOil GasCooling method IC411 ( TEFC) Surface Cooled Motors · Partnership. The meaning of Lifecycle Partnership. 777快播电影人和动物

PVD3648 Memento English - Parker https://www.parker.com/parker/jsp/documentdisplay.jsp?mgmtid=310ea2ef23aa7210VgnVCM10000048021dacRCRD IC411. - Closed motor, cooling air is blown over the totally enclosed motor surface by a fan mounted on the shaft. IC416. - Closed motor, cooling air is blown over 大乔小乔无惨漫画