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As the Queen Extravaganza hit the UK this Friday, lead vocalist Marc Martel explains.'How To Sing Like Freddie Mercury'. For tickets and dates for the UK 'A Night At The Opera'撸啊撸lol


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queen 英 [kwiːn] 美 [kwiːn] n.王后;女王 过去式: queened 过去分词: queened 现在分词: queening 第三人称单数: queens The queen consor

皇后乐队(英语:Queen),英国摇滚乐乐队,成立于1971年,成员包括主唱弗雷迪·莫库里、吉他手布赖恩·梅、鼓手罗杰·泰勒、贝斯手约翰·迪肯,对世界乐坛留 详情基本简介 - 乐队成员 - 发展历程 - 全部

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淫乐宫 逍遥五月天_内地免费成人之美视频www.beautysese.com Queen are a British rock band that formed in London in 1970. Their classic line- up was Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano), Brian May (lead guitar, vocals),