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先行PTGBD后行LC治疗急性结石性胆囊炎-健康论文 本文导航: (1) PTGBD,LC,治疗,急性结石性胆囊炎,胆囊切除术,经皮经肝胆囊穿刺置管术,手术方式 大桥未久影音先锋

Preceding PTGBD decreases complications of laparoscopic cholecys (PTGBD) at our hospital, however, one patient died of septic shock after alaparoscopic cholecystectomy. Conversion to open surgery was performed on twopatients. However, in later 欧美埃及艳后影音先锋

经皮经肝胆囊穿刺引流技术(PTGBD)_好大夫在线 经皮经肝胆囊穿刺引流技术(PTGBD)是在超声引导下经皮经肝胆囊穿刺置管引流胆囊及胆管胆汁或脓液的技术。 背景:不少高龄患者在胆囊疾病发作前常伴有其它器官疾病,胆 met art vedio free

PTGBD 在老年急性梗阻性胆囊炎治疗中的应用 Clinical Efficacy of patients with acute cholecystitis who received PTGBD in our hospital during January 2011 and June 2014 was made. Results The 15 patients were successfully placed with drainage


100例超声引导下PTCD及PTGBD术_好大夫在线 100例超声引导下PTCD及PTGBD术,目的:总结分析我中心近104例超声引导下PTCD及PTGBD术,探讨如何提高PTCD或PTGBD术的操作安全性及扩大操